About Hi-Tek Polytechnic College


Kongu Hi-tTek polytechnic College is founded by The Karur Kongu charitable Trust established by the Professional, educationalists and entrepreneurs of various business with a view of providing technical education in the field of engineering at diploma level..


Mission of the promoting body:

The mission is to construct, establish, run, maintain, manage and render financial help to one or more technical institutions, research institutions, or other centers for the training of young men and women in technical, mechanical, scientific and similar pursuits. It also resolves to extend financial help directly and/or by scholarships to the poor and needy students.

Vision of the promoting body::

Our vision is to promote futuristic education of the highest quality to student community through the state-of-the-art infrastructure with the best academic practices, enabling them to become responsible citizens to uphold human values, and to play a major role in developing the livelihood of poor, by providing education at affordable cost.









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Phone : 04320 290520




Support : info@konguhitek.com


Admission : admission@konguhitek.com